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[Public Post] 2017 Status Update

Hello everyone!  It's been a long time since I've made a Public Post in this community, and thought it would be a good moment to do so now. I'm hoping to make a general Public Post once every few months, to keep potential new/returning members in the loop.

Here's some Updates for you all :)

This livejournal community is still active, and I strive to have at least one (usually more) BP adoptable draw each month. In order to enter (and see) these draws you need to be a member of this community - which you can do by having a livejournal and joining this community.

Membership is moderated, but I do get to approvals within 24hrs of receiving them. If you don't receive approval within that time-frame, it's likely I missed the lj notice - so feel free to PM me if that happens. I had a problem with bots trawling the posts in the past, which is why all draw posts are behind membership locks ^^;  This way we don't run into the issue of spam bots anymore.

Recently our Forum, Battle Prides, was also moved to a different server. Security features were changed by the platform, and now you have to be logged in to see the board. If you're not logged in, the board appears completely empty.

New/Returning adopters are always welcome to join and sign up for draws here. If you were a previous adopter who lost their adoptables to a website closure, you're still more than welcome to return. Creature abandonment through website closure/loss of internet doesn't put you onto a blacklist or anything - so feel free to come back. And if your adoptables weren't readopted out, you can request to adopt them back if you're able ^_^

The end of the year is almost upon us, which means there'll be upcoming holiday-themed December Draws, as well as an Eclipse Draw on the 28th as always.

Community Reminder & Changes

It haven't posted a public announcement on this Community, so I thought I'd go ahead and do so since the last one was from a few years ago :3

Raveen_LJ is still active and draws are still being held. If you want to take part in these draws you need to apply for membership to this community. Once you're a member you can see and enter the draws!  I periodically go through  and check the membership applications, but if it's been more than a week since you applied for membership please pm to let me know. Sometimes I get busy and miss a new applicant!

Another update I wanted to share is that I recently went through and kicked some inactive LJ accounts from membership over fears that they might've had their LJ account compromised by bots. If you were wrongly removed from membership, my apologies! Feel free to just reapply :)

One last thing, if you are a current BP adopter please make sure you keep me updated on changes in URLs. Starting from now on any Raveen kats/other BP adoptables that have gone without working pages for a year will be considered abandoned and readopted out. It's up to you, the adopter, to make sure you keep me aprised of any changes in URLs.

Oct. 30th, 2009

October 26th has passed, meaning that all free Geocities pages have been deleted. If you had your Kats/other BP creatures up on a Geocities page but didn't get me new URLs/contact me for an extension, this is your last chance to get those Kats paged.

All Kats/BP Creatures whom I do not have new URLs for by November 1st will be considered abandoned, and no further extensions will be offered.

If you've already talked to me and worked something out for an extension, then don't worry about this. But if you haven't contacted me before now, then please do so with new URLs/a last request for an extension. Because as of November 1st I will not be giving any more extensions to anyone --- Geocities sent out multiple emails about their page deletion, and I think there's been enough public information on this for anyone who was still active to get new pages together if they really wanted to. Or at the very least, to have contacted me for an extension by now. (So far, only FP has requested/been granted an extension. Others, I haven't heard from.)

* On November 1st, all Kats whom I do not have URLs for will be abandoned. So please if you want to keep your RKs, now is your last chance to do so.

** November 1st Edit: Time has expired for all previously MIA Kats whom I didn't get new URLs for. They are now considered abandoned, and will be readopted out sometime this month. Thank-you to everyone who did manage to get new URLs sent in <3

-Please note, once your Raveen Kats have been abandoned, at this point (past the first of November), previous adopters no longer have a say in who gets their abandoned Kats. They will be readopted out as all abandons are. I'm sorry, it just doesn't seem fair to do this any other way once ownership has been given up.


Bameizu Singles!



Nefertem - Sun
He is a quiet male who enjoys the company of other Bameizu, but doesn't nessesarily always join in conversaton. More often then not he observes and listens, and occationally he will say something that is abnormally sageful. He would most likely get along with another female kindhearted Sun Bameizu. He might get along with a moon...but they would have to be pretty special to get him to enjoy the moon (he's very much a sunny day man).


Arakho - Eclipse [Sun/Moon]
She's a Bameizu with an open mind. Being a mix of the two different kinds of Bameizu has lead her into this lifestyle. She loves both day and night for all their differences. Shes very accepting of all creatures big and small...and does not prefer ones company to another. She would be likely for a Hybrid mate...so Raveen, Merkanlos, etc. She might also take on a Bameizu mate. Shes pretty agreeable.


Orias Numa Singles!

[Yeah...I know...Also not very common among people. Actually...I think I'm the only one X_X;...but...when the time comes *nodsnods* please come looking for me ;o;]


Orias Numa Singles!Collapse )


Soal Singles!

[Yes...I'm aware there aren't very many Soals out there....officially...2? But this is being put up just in case GI or someone I wasn't aware had one, might have some. Anyway....I'll get rid of this when I don't have singles or anything anymore XD]


Above are my Soal pages <3

Below is my Single...

Agro - Male Earth
Agro is very similar to others of his type. He is extremely aggressive, and as an Earth Soal, he is a horrible force to be reckoned with. He does not have an Alpha personality, and would do best as an Alpha's right hand man, or second in command so to speak. He likes his females subservient, but with that fire that is just so Soal. He might have a slight preference towards Earth Soals, but in reality it probably doesn't matter what type of Soal she is. I think Agro would prefer a more open type of Herd which is more common for his species (so more then one female would be nice XD )


Matchmaker, matchmaker...

Been awhile since you all heard from me, eh?
Well, real life has been beating me senseless but I've gotten myself a bit more together...

I'll be posting Singles and finishing long-overdue Pride updates later on, when they're all set, but what I have right now....

I've been playing matchmaker lately at a rather maddening level. Also long overdue, I like to think. And now I've got a bunch of pairs, and almost no idea where to place them! So if you have or think you know of where these ladies and gents might find proper Pridemates, do let me know! FYI, these are only the pairs I've set up that are between my own Kats, there are others that got paired with other people's Kats too, but I didn't want to speak for them - that's a together-decision.

Juunan & Charade
Raziel'Uuhim & Mynahi
Cemahluun & Ryshna
Dokuuya & Filania
Tojiruu & Nyanen
Zaelon-La'Hrr & Hanani-Zu'Mei
Moebiuus & Tenmei
Ixiuun & Shiva

I'm also willing to consider starting new Prides... If someone offers a good idea, or has a pair they're looking to start a Pride with, mention that, too! ^_~

Raveen_LJ is the official livejournal community for Battle Prides. Since 2009 its entries have been members-only to keep spam-bots out. In order to view current entries and take part in cyberpet draws, you'll have to become a member of this lj community. Once you've joined, you'll be able to see all the posts available, and enter the draws as they're posted.

If you apply for membership but do not receive it within 48hrs, please feel free to post a comment here - I'll do my best to get back to you asap!

(Last Edited: January 2016)
First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, and I also hope that everyone got everything their hearts desired <3!!!

Now for the bad news XD;

I'm going to New York with my family tomarrow, and unfortunately I was forbidden to bring my laptop...so....this basically means I wont get everything done I promised to people ;o; So below are the things I promised I'd do for people which...*headdesk* I may or may not able to get to...

Vyn - I want to scream and say I'm sorry ;o; But I wont be able to get up our Mummified's Pride, or find a second pair for it in time ;o;! I'm so so so so so sorry ;o;. I know you were really looking forward to them <3 I would try asking GI if you could just sign with them if later we can erect the pride. That or maybe you can get Deep Ones up in time to ask for that Hybrid baby <3.

Lumi - I'm almost done with Sinister Decadence...I should be able to finish the images and page Voloduu in time <3

Xenon - I'll be sure to page my boy tonight for ye <3

To Those I promised Open Pairings To - I apologize but I will not be able to get the new pride up that I was going to try to finish with all the new open pairings. I will however be posting a Master List Post for Open Pairings, as thats something I promised GI I'd do. So I'd suggest looking that up <3

I may or may not be able to actually sign for WoRs X_X;;;;;;; which...kills my soul...so I'm wondering...GI? Could someone possibly post my application? If not I completely understand X_X;...but yeah...If there was any way I could enter I would be very appreciative ^^;;;

Umm...I think that should cover it...I'll be posting up my prides on the master list. I know not all of them are updated...but I wont be able to get to that in time ;o;.